Shared Channels for Channel Partners

Connectedness increasingly dominates our lives, socially and at work. This always-on lifestyle means that results and responses are expected immediately. ABM Data's integration partners are no exception so we have introduced new tools to connect development teams and to streamline the support process.

Software integration developers are poorly served by a conventional support system that subjects every enquiry to a process of triage, investigation, escalation and reply. Developers need their questions answered by the right person, right now.

Based on our experience, and the feedback of our partners, ABM Data has introduced Slack Shared Channels to connect partner development teams with named ABM Data integration experts. The introduction of Shared Channels has freed our support team to focus on business issues while providing the interactive responsiveness that development requires. The benefit for both businesses is integration projects that complete sooner, work better and deliver revenue earlier. There's no slack there!

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